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Phone 888-909-LIST (5478)
Fax: 866-520-4942
490 Hunters Crest, Saline, MI 48176
Licensed in Michigan #6505330456

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Michigan #1 Flat Fee M.L.S.,® Direct Listing Service


List your property for Sale or Lease in your local MLS,® & 100's of other sites

Questions? Call or text me on my cell , Jeff Kermath, broker 734-649-4903 or click here to email me.

NOTE: We are THE DIRECT LISING SERVICE. We're local, input and oversee our listings. We are NOT a 3rd party referral service like many others on the web.

Over 5,500 listings since 2000! We want you 100% satisfied so you refer everyone you know to us. Same MLS, same listing as a local agent.

Flat Fee MLS Listing Service


Listing Plans To Choose From Objective Type of Service

Option #1: $399 MLS Listing Planwas $499

Included with this plan:

  • 12 Month Flat Fee Michigan MLS Listing in your local MLS
  • 12 Month Flat Fee Michigan MLS Listing on
  • Up to 20 color photos in the Michigan MLS
  • Up to 20 color photos in
  • Free yard sign with your number on it so prospects call you direct!

Option #2: $449 Full Service, this has a small fee of 1/2 of 1% to a max of $1,000 paid at closing; Listing Plan was $499


Included with this plan:

Option #3: $799 Full Realtor Service / List Until Sold! No other fees to us was $899


For sellers that want "Traditional" Realtor help from start to finish! No worries!

What's included in Full Service? All of the above features, PLUS..

  • FREE,! schedules showings, confirms appointments, provides feedback too! They also verify the agent is current and licensed. This is a must have!
  • Full broker support, answering any and all questions relating to offers, contract negotiation all the way through closing or renting.
  • Offers are are efaxed to us then (which come into our email), we then email a copy to you for you to review.
  • We show you how to counter offer, get it back to us so we can get the revised offer back to the buyers agent.
  • We coach you how to get the highest possible price for sale.
  • Home Market Analysis (upon request)
  • We refer all buyer leads to you!
  • We review each listing and help with remarks we think will sell your home quicker.
  • We help coordinate the appraisal.
  • We order your title insurance
  • We order mortgage payoffs.
  • We can order a home warrantee if it is offered.
  • We make sure your buyer is pre approved.
  • We provide support and answer all questions from start to finish.
  • We verify contingencies are removed on time.
  • We help schedule a closing time and date convenient for all parties selling or renting.
  • We get the closing statement to you so you can see your amount due you with no surprises at closing.
  • NOTE: Many agents still dislike dealing direct with home owners. Buyer's agents assume the deal will be harder since seller is unrepresented and some may not want to deal with it. FULL SERVICE TAKES ANY WORRY OUT OF THE DEAL WITH BUYER'S AGENTS, THIS IS HUGE!!

Some of the of sites your listing goes to!

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I sold and saved $10,785,Richard S.
More Success Stories! CLICK HERE



Need more assurance?
Click here to view our listings on


Lockbox, FREE with the Full Service Plan! You should have one. Realtors don't want you following them through your home and you never want to miss a showing in case you're away.


Option #4: $999 Up Front Fee Only, no other fees from us at closing. Full Service!


For sellers who want the up front fee only, no other fees from us (Our Most Popular Option). We handle the offer & help process the paperwork from start to finish

This program has it all! Large 30x30 sign, QR code on sign directing people to you and your Zillow listing (we put your number on your zillow listing too!, info box, follow up, digital docs and more!



We put YOUR number on OUR sign. This does 2 things:
1. If someone sees your home they'll call you direct without a Realtor so you won't have Realtor fees.
2. It lets Realtors know you are in the MLS & will pay them a fee if they bring you a buyer. A win-win!


We are the #1 For Sale By Owner Michigan Flat Fee MLS Realtor, you can trust us too!

Why list with us?

  1. We are the "Direct Lister", not a referral company. Referral companies take your money and "Refer" you to a broker you don't know.
  2. Over 25 years as a licensed broker.
  3. More "Flat Fee MLS" listings than any other company in Michigan.
  4. Thousands of listings done.
  5. As the broker, my cell phone is on the web site. Few companies put their cell phone on a web site. I am here 7 days a week during reasonable hours to answer any questions you may have on our for sale by owner or flat fee mls programs. Call or text me, Jeff Kermath the broker anytime 734-649-4903 on my cell.
  6. No hidden fees, straightforward and honest.

MLS Listing Process

  • Pick a Listing Plan and click "List Now" or call / text Jeff Kermath, the broker on his cell at 734-649-4903 during reasonable hours, weekends are fine too.
  • After you submit payment, you will then be directed to the Listing Steps.
  • You will download the forms, fill out and fax back to us with fax # provided on form and email the photos.
  • We will then take your information, and submit it into the MLS, typically within 1-2 business days.
  • We will email you your listing for you to proof for any errors. If it doesn't look perfect we'll fix it free of charge. NOTE when we enter you the listing is live, you cannot proof it before it is live.

If we find a buyer for your home or you sell your own home, you only pay the low up front fee. If a "Buyer's agent" brings you a buyer, you only pay the agent their half, typically 3%.

We are the local broker, locally owned and operated, not a referral company that takes your money and "Refers" you to some other broker. We input and oversee all of our listings! Better service, better pricing, the only way to go!


Jeff Kermath
broker / owner




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